How to build customer interactions

Understanding how customers are finding your website can help you build an effective marketing strategy but how would you do this? Where do you start? One of our clients, Hi-Rise Sign, recently asked us to create them a way to get feedback from their customers as to how they found their business or website. We created two ways to accomplish this on their website. Rate Us Survey Page We created a button that will always be visible to the user as they navigate through the website. As they begin to go from page to page, customers will be able to [...]

Check out our newly redesigned website

As we start 2016, we want to thank all of our customers for their business and we hope to get an opportunity to help your business grow. Today, we launch an exciting new company website. Our website contains valuable information such as the detailing the steps it takes to create a website and what you can expect throughout each phase. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that we have complied over the past year that answers some of the questions we received from other customers. Our new website uses the latest technology such as parallax scrolling, HTML5 [...]

How do you know if your business website is mobile friendly?

Google announced today significant changes to their mobile search algorithm in order to promote sites that Google feels are mobile friendly. Mobile friendly sites render different layouts depending on the size of the browser screen, and as mobile penetration rates prove, with more people accessing the web through mobile devices, the decision by Google to reward mobile friendly sites just makes sense (Techcrunch). Google provides a Mobile Friendly Test that is the sure fire way to determine if they view your site as mobile friendly. Another back of the envelope method is to shrink the browser window. If the site changes and [...]

i.Web Photos

We have recently updated our website with some cool photos.  Check out our Hosting, Marketing, and Business Solutions pages. Is your website in need of some fresh and updated photos to? We can help, contact us today to see how we can make your website more attractive to your customers. Mention this blog post with keyword #i.WebPhoto for %20 percent off of this service. Call today!

Happy New Year 2015

As we enter the new year, we want to thank all of you for a great first year. We were able to help many local businesses throughout Indiana with creating a website that has helped them reach new customers. As the new year begins we are excited to announce that we have launched a new company logo. Our new logo, i.Web, was created by a local graphic artist in Bloomington. We feel the new design and name will help us continue to grow. Best of luck to everyone in 2015!

Google Calendar API

Today Google released a new API for integration of their calendar in a webpage. We had to update the scripts for several of our clients in order for the calendar events to work properly. This took a tremendous effort by our software team and we have completed the update. We pride ourselves in providing updates like these for all of our clients.

Google Calendar Integration and Facebook Like Button

The First Presbyterian Church of Bloomington maintained a church calendar through the use of Google Calendar. They wanted a way to list the eight upcoming events on their front page of their website. Previously, they had been entering the event on the church calendar and on the church website. This caused extra work for the church and was very time consuming. We created a custom script that retrieved the events from their Google Calendar and displayed them on the front page. Clicking on a particular calendar event would bring them to another page to view more details about the event. We [...]

Shellstock Vulnerability – What you need to know?

his week there was a security vulnerability found that affects most versions of the Linux operating system and the Mac OS X. The bug allowed an unauthorized user to type commands into a simple text-based window which then could be passed to other applications. The security agency Symantec regarded this vulnerability as critical since Bash is used on many web servers. We performed a security sweep [...]