Many small business owners forgo the effort of building a website and simply rely on creating a Facebook business page. Creating a Facebook business page is free and provides access to millions of people. But can a Facebook page be enough to replace a business website?

Customer Exposure
It is important that your potential customers can find your business online using a search engine such as Google. It is true a Facebook page can be found via a search engine, but it doesn’t provide the same exposure as a dedicated website can provide. Search engines can extract more information, such as keywords customers use when searching for a product, from a website compared to a Facebook page. This means when a customer searches for a product or service you offer they can find your business. A Facebook page is limited in this aspect and it is difficult to create an online marketing strategy to get more customers.

Brand perception
Have you ever stopped to think about how your business is perceived if you don’t have a website? Will customers take you seriously enough to buy your products? Customers may begin to question what sort of service they can expect from you or even if the business is legitimate. A dedicate website provides a sense of establishment and it tells your customers that you are a competitive business.

Limited customization’s for your brand
Building your business brand on Facebook can be a challenging task. You can include your logo and a cover photo, but that’s where the customization ends. A Facebook page does not allow you to use other photos, videos, or even colors that will help your brand stand out from the rest. A website has no boundaries or limitations. You have complete control over the content and look of your brand. When you work with us, we give you creative control over your website. This results in a unique website design that will make your business stand out over the rest.

A Facebook page is important for your business but it does not replace the importance of a dedicate website. Not everyone has access to Facebook or even knows how to use it. A website gives you unlimited possibilities of growing your business and customers are more likely to purchase or visit your store if you have a website. To get the kind of exposure that is necessary for a small business to succeed in today’s world, a dedicate website isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

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