Typography in website design

Typography without a doubt plays an important role in how customers view and interact with your website. In 2008, Jakob Nielsen conducted an eye-tracking case study to determine how much content we actually read on a webpage. The results shown that less than 20% of the text that is displayed on a webpage is read. We actually scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences. In another usability test, Nielsen tested different wording styles for a website. Concise, scannable and objective copywriting resulted in 124% better usability. This means the more we change the style of the text the more engage or reading your customers will do within your website.

How to make typography look good on your website

It can be difficult to know just how to change the text in such a way that will make your website look good and catch the eye of your customers. One method we use is called “Text Hierarchy”. It is an idea of emphasizing the important key words on a webpage. Make a list of these words or even phrases and order them from most important to least important. Once you have this list than the next step is to try different font styles and sizes. It might take some time to get it to look right, after some trial and error, but once you do your website will engage your customers like never before.

Tips for choosing the best web fonts and styles

Choosing the right fonts that look great on any device can be difficult at times.  It is often best to start with the basics, serif or sans serif font styles. These fonts are displayed by every browser the same way. It is the most popular font style. The font style that is used on our entire website is called “Open Sans” which is based off of the sans serif typeface. It is also recommended to use no more than three typefaces, unless your design requires more. You should also consider the tone and message. Think about how the text will fit into the overall design of your other pages.

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