We offer three hosting plans that can be tailored to your specific needs. Below is a detailed explanation of each.

Personal – $15 month
The Personal hosting plan is for those individuals that are not considered a business and would like to host a website with one to three pages. This plan is ideal for those who will not have a high traffic site and for those looking for a simple hosting provider.


Business – $30 month
The Business plan is for small to medium size businesses that are looking to promote their products and services. This plan is for those businesses with five to seven pages within their website and those looking for business class email and security.


Corporation – $45 month
The Corporation plan is for large or ecommerce businesses that have eight or more pages within their website. This plan is for those businesses who need to encrypt their website through the use of a SSL certificate and those who need more space and databases.

We have a hosting solution that can fit your needs and requirements. If you need a custom or hybrid hosting solution, let us know. We offer the best industry standard hosting solution that ensures your website will be fast and secure. For more information about our hosting solutions click HERE