i.Web Network Move

This week we performed a network move.  This involved upgrading all of the switches and routers that control all of the servers. The installation process took four hours to complete. All of the new devices were made by Cisco and our staff worked hard to reconfigure the network. It is these hardware devices that help run your business website. The hardware upgrades was an effort to continue to provide our customers with the high possible level of security and service.


Earlier this week a crucial security bug was found in OpenSSL. OpenSSL involves security certificates in which are used to keep internet communication safe for everyone. Various websites like online banking use these certificates. It was an issue with OpenSSL that was created two years ago but only until now was it exploited. Here at Indiana Web Solutions we had to update all of our servers with the fix for the HeartBleed bug. The update took two hours to complete. We always strive to keep informed about security issues and respond to them quickly. This keeps your data and website [...]

Hosting Promotion

We are offering two months of free hosting for new customers! In today's business world attracting new customers can be a challenge. Having a professional website plays a major role in advertising your products or services. A website also give customers information about your business. Now is the perfect time to get a new or redesigned website for your business. Let us help you grow your business!

Welcome to our blog

Since this is our first post I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that has been involved with the launch of Indiana Web Solutions. It has been a dream of mine to create a company that is able to help local businesses reach more customers through the use of a business website. I am very excited about the coming months and I hope we get the chance to help your business grow.