How can a website improve your business?

Having a website that is created for your business is important but how can your business benefit from a website. Take a look at how your business can thrive by using a website. 1. Credibility Most of your customers will research online for the products and services they need.  A well designed website can help strengthen your brand and help provide information to your customers. A good website lets your customers know you are passionate about what you do. 2. Increase your customer reach We have already talked about how a website can help you get more customers but it [...]

How can you improve your website?

As a business owner you understand the importance of having a professional website that represents your business but many times a website just isn't getting you new customers like it should.   Let's take a look at ways to improve your website that will get you new customers! 1. Simplify Simple is best! Making your website easy to navigate and use is important. Try to be short with words but high on content. This helps your customers understand not only your business but your website. 2. Fix the problems Nothing is more frustrating to a customer then visiting a website that [...]

Why get a custom website design verses a website template?

As a business owner you are always looking for ways to save money and make your business more profitable. When it comes to creating an online presence, your website needs to project a professional image. Many business owners do not know the difference between a custom web design and using website templates that you may find online. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of having a custom web design: Unique Design A custom web design is created uniquely for your business. Just like your business is different from any other business, your website needs to be as [...]

How do I attract more customers to my website?

We discussed on an earlier post about why it is important for your business to have a website but once you have your website up and running how do you get customers to visit your website? The more customers that visit your website the more leads and business you will receive. There are several ways that you can promote your website. Social Media marketing can be used as advertising not only your business but your website as well. eNewsletters or email marketing is a great way to sent customers information about your products and services. Blogging can be used as [...]

Why is it essential for your business to know how many customers are visiting your website and how they are using it?

A business website is a way for you to advertise your products and communicate to potential customers about the services you offer. But do you know how many customers are visiting your website and what pages they are viewing. Being able to track this information can help you determine how well your website is doing in helping your customers understand your business. Tracking the pages customers are viewing or not viewing can help you find trouble spots in your website. We can setup a tracking system for your website that will give you information about how customers are using your [...]

How social media marketing can help your business get more customers?

Social media is a tool that people use to communicate online each and every day. Social media includes Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With millions of people using these services it is important for your business to use these tools as well. We can create Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages for your business. This will allow you to communicate and market the products your business offers. Social Media marketing can greatly increase your business’s exposure and help you reach more customers.

What is search engine optimization or SEO?

Customers often use search engines like Google or Bing to find products or services. For example, a customer looking for a place to service their vehicle will search for "car repair" through the use of a search engine. The search engine will return links to websites that have to do with car repair. Search engine optimization is just a fancy word for making your website available for customers to find your business. It is important for your business that customers are able to find the products or services that you offer. So, how do you make your website available to [...]

Web development plans that fits any need

Whether you are looking for a business website with 10+ web pages or a personal profile web page with just 1 page, we can help. We can create a website based on your needs and future goals. With unlimited website updates, you can rest assured your website will have the most up-to-date information.

Why is it important to have a mobile friendly website?

Did you know that 55% of all Americans own a smartphone. By the end of 2015, there will be more smartphones on the internet than PCs. (source: Google). Many customers are using their smartphone to find products or services. If your site isn't designed to handle such devices as a smartphone or tablet you could be losing customers to your competitors. We can design a mobile version of your website that will give your customers a better experience and help them find information easier.